Thanks very much for your interest in our research. We are obsessed with many fascinating aspects of quantum dynamics and the control of quantum dynamics. Long-term research programs include studies of quantum nonlinear dynamics, quantum control of atomic and molecular processes, quantum open systems, and quantum information science. We belong to Department of Physics and Centre of Computational Science and Engineering at NUS. Currently, we are primarily interested in (1) exploring possibly new physics in driven systems, especially on novel topological phases of matter and their physical manifestations, (2) quantum control of matter waves with novel strategies such as geometric phases, (3) fundamental aspects of quantum open systems, especially those related to active protection of quantum entanglement via driving fields, (4) foundational issues in quantum mechanics, such as quantum-classical correspondence and quantum chaos, and lots more.

Some pictures from our publications in Physical Review Letters

This website was originally designed and maintained by my late wife Mdm Zhang Huairui (1970-2013), my constant inspiration and where my soul beongs.


June 2014 Congratulations to Derek, Hailong and Adam for their successful and beautiful Ph.D thesis oral defense. Group went to botanic garden to celeberate.

July 2012
Derek Ho and Dr. Gong's finding on momentum space adiabatic transport is published in Physical Review Letters and highlighted as "Editor's Suggestion" .

Nov. 2011
Mr. Long Wen Zhou joins us as a new Ph.D student.

July 2011
Dr. Gong is awarded "Dean's Chair Professorship" for a three-year term.

August 2010
Mr. Zhao Qifang and Mr. Teo Yon Shin (NGS) joined our group as new Ph.D students. Group had beers together at Munchie Monkeys.

June 24, 2010
Three second-year undergraduate students Musawwadah Mukhtar, Saw Thuan Beng, and Soh Wee Tee will be awarded the NUS Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Prize for their research in our group.

May. 27, 2010
Dr. Gong won the NUS Annual Teaching Excellence Award.

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